About Us

We are BodySlam Toys!

If you've made it this page, I want to first thank you for visiting the site. BodySlam Toys is an action figure, toy and collectible retailer for fans and collectors created by a collector.

The motivation for BodySlam came from years of listening to so many stories from friends and others about not being able to get their hands on figures, accessories and collectibles. I thought to myself that I wanted to be a solution to that problem. And as a collector myself, I can definitely understand your frustrations. In addition, figures just excite me! So don't be surprised if we step outside of the box a little bit with some other types of figures. You guys let me know what you like.

My goal with BodySlam Toys is very simple and it is to provide you with a new reliable source for the figures we all love. And at the same time provide an awesome experience. We collect, we display, we play, and most importantly we are fans. This community is strong and I'd like to keep it that way. Come back and see us again!

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